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Grade Level Family Guides

A Family's Guide to the Kentucky Academic Standards

This guide was made to help families understand the Kentucky Academic Standards and to show what children will learn by the end of each grade. This tool provides information about the key ideas and skills teachers will introduce in mathematics, reading and writing, science and social studies. It includes possible examples of what students will be asked to do in class, how to help your child at home, questions you can ask your child and questions families can ask their child’s teacher. This guide also was designed to help parents understand how they can work with teachers to support the learning of their child. When teachers and families work together to help students master Kentucky’s Academic Standards, students can succeed by developing the skills they will need for life after graduation.


If you have questions about this information or if your child needs extra help, please contact your child’s teacher.



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1st Grade Family Guide

2nd Grade Family Guide

3rd Grade Family Guide

4th Grade Family Guide

5th Grade Family Guide